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8-hour Versal ACAP Workshop (1/2 Day Format) In conjunction with Doulos (Europe/Asia)


A comprehensive overview and working design example 



This Interactive workshop affords you the opportunity to understand the power and potential of the Xilinx Versal ACAP platform.   Attendance to limited --to promote maximum engagement, real time discussion, Q&A and detailed explanation.  


Workshop topics include:

  • Versal ACAP Structural overview
  • Intro to AI Engines
  • PS Subsytem
  • PL Fabric
  • Boot Process
  • NoC Resources
  • AI Engine Vector DataTypes
  • Intrinsic(s)
  • FIR Filter Example
     Step-by-step Optimization 
     for AIE Vector Processor 
Everyone who attends the Workshop can also apply the $99 registration fee toward any Versal ACAP related courses within the next 6 months.  That's in additional to the current 20% Xilinx promotional discount (For Versal ACAP courses) available in August and September, 2021.  

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