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Business Etiquette


Course Description

The most successful business people in the world understand that even in more casual times, how we present ourselves has powerful influence on how we are regarded personally and professionally. In this unique workshop, we’ll cover the critical components of business etiquette through a pragmatic program of modern manners and business relationship development.

A deep-dive after class formal dinner is available as an optional add-on to reinforce and practice the lessons from the workshop. (Available in most markets

Course Outline

  • Manners Matter! An Overview of Successful Business Behavior
  • Process of Perception Development
  • Making a Great First Impression*
  • Generational, Gender, and Orientation
  • Considerations
  • Appropriate Conduct with the Opposite Sex
  • Non-Verbal Communication
o Perfecting Your Handshake*
o Comfort Zones and Contexts
  • Concept Implementation Exercises*
  • Proper Introductions*
  • Etiquette in Formal and Informal Settings
  • Correspondence
  • The Rules of Social Media and Email*
  • Table Manners*

 *Exercises are condensed or excluded in 1⁄2 Day Session


After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Create a positive first impression

  • Read and adapt to expectation cues of others

  • Build rapport through body language

  • Interact effectively at meetings, conferences,  meals, social mixers and networking events

  • Generate professional respect, regard, and reverence

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