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Accelerating Applications with the VITIS Unified Software Environment | Online & San Diego, CA




Course Description

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Describe how Vitis can be used to implement HLS modules
  • Describe Vitis support for OpenCL design flow
  • Use Vitis to migrate existing SDSoC applications
  • Describe how the FPGA architecture lends itself to parallel computing
  • Identity candidate functions for hardware acceleration
  • Explain how the Vitis development environment helps software developers to focus on applications
  • Examine the OpenCL API execution model
  • Analyze the OpenCL API memory model
  • Create kernels from C, C++, OpenCL, or RTL IP
  • Apply host code optimization and kernel optimization techniques
  • Move data efficiently between kernel and global memory
  • Profile and debug OpenCL API code


Course Outline

  • Introduction to the Vitis Environment and OpenCL Framework {Lecture}
  • Vitis Tools Overview {Lecture, Lab}
  • Makefile Flow {Lecture, Lab}
  • Introduction to FPGAs {Lecture}
  • Alveo Product Overview {Lecture}
  • Alveo Partner Ecosystem Solutions Overview {Lecture}
  • Introduction to Nimbix Cloud {Lecture}
  • Vitis Execution Model & XRT {Lecture}
  • Vitis Execution Model & XRT (2) {Lecture, Lab}
  • Synchronization {Lecture, Lab}

Day 2

  • Introduction to NDRanges {Lecture}
  • Working with NDRanges {Lecture, Lab}
  • Profiling {Lecture}
  • Debugging {Lecture}
  • C-Based Kernels {Lecture}
  • C-Based Kernel Optimization {Lecture}
  • Optimization Methodologies {Lecture}
  • Memory Transfer Optimization Techniques {Lecture}
  • Kernel Optimization Techniques {Lecture, Lab}
  • xfOpenCV Libraries via Github {Lecture, Lab}
  • Custom Platform {Lecture, Lab}

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