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Conducting Dynamic Webinar and Remote Presentations | San Jose CA


Course Description

The modern workplace leverages the technology of web-based meetings with high frequency. Presenting via webinar or teleconference has many similarities to presenting to an onsite audience, but there are some distinct and critical differences that must be accounted for. Understanding and mastering the skills to conduct these meetings effectively will allow your message to be clearly understood and retained. This workshop will give you the tools to engage and connect with a remote audience with clarity and positive impact.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Fundamentals of Web- Based Meetings
  • Pros and Cons of Webinars and Remote Meetings
  • Reinforcement Exercise*
  • Exploring the Roles and Responsibilities of the Meeting Organizer
  • Secrets of Dynamic Webinar Presenters
  • Practical Application of Concept*
  • Slide Design Considerations for Remote Viewers
  • Hands-On Lab*
  • Methods to Incorporate Interactivity for
  • Increased Engagement and Message Retention
  • Putting it All Together – Mastery Activity*

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Elevate engagement of remote audiences

  • Understand and minimize attention span


  • Add interactivity for increased retention

  • Create critical slide design modifications

  • Select the most effective format


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