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Embedded and Accelerated Applications with the Vitis™ Unified Software Environment | 1-Day Workshop | Woodland Hills, CA


This workshop introduces and demonstrates the tools and techniques required for both software and hardware acceleration desig using the the Vitis™ Unified Software platform.

Learn how to migrate from SDK to Vitis,

We’ll also cover developing new or existing C/C++, OpenCL, and RTL applications in the Vitis™ Unified Software.  This workshop highlights aspects of targeting both embedded and data center (DC) applications including how to run designs on the Xilinx Alveo™ accelerator card using Nimbix Cloud.

After completing this training event, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Implement an effective software design environment for a Xilinx embedded system using the Vitis unified software platform
  • Write a basic user application and run it on an embedded system platform
  • Describe how the FPGA architecture lends itself to parallel computing
  • Explain how the Vitis unified software environment helps software developers to focus on applications
  • Create kernels from C, C++, or RTL IP using the RTL Kernel Wizard
  • Profile the design using Vitis


Course Outline
  • Introduction to the Vitis Unified Software Platform
  • Migrating Xilinx SDK Projects to the Vitis Platform
  • Driving the Vitis Software Development Tool
  • Introduction to Hardware Acceleration
  • Alveo Data Center Accelerator Cards Overview
  • Introduction to the Nimbix Cloud
  • Introduction to C/C++ based Kernels
  • Using the RTL Kernel Wizard to Reuse Existing IP as Accelerators
  • Vitis Accelerated Libraries


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