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Skillfully Managing Q&A Sessions | San Jose CA


 Course Description

This program covers the critical Dos and Don’ts to avoid “Death by Q&A”. The reality is, if your Q&A session is not a success, the perception of your entire presentation suffers. There is more to managing a Q&A session than simply answering questions, much more. In this workshop you’ll learn to read between the lines and utilize strategic methods to ensure your responses serve your prime purpose and best support your residual message.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Workshop Goals
  • Exploring the Value of Q&A Sessions
  • Planning Principles
  • Collaborative Exercise*
  • Developing Responses to the 7 Common Types of Questions
  • Implementation of Concept*
  • Phrasing Answers to Improve Retention of Residual Message
  • Using Body Language to Build Trust and Support
  • Demonstration*
  • Handling Challenging Situations
  • Time Management and Special Techniques
  • Mastering Content*

*Exclusive to live training workshops

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have these necessary skills:

  • Preparing and planning Q&A techniques
  • Recognizing and handling the 7 common types of questions
  • Approaches for difficult or confrontational questioners
  • Keeping the Q&A session constructive
  • Impacts of body language on message perception

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