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Cross Cultural Communication | Online


Course Description

n this thought provoking workshop, we’ll explore the many facets of today’s blended workplace. At the intersection of different national origins and varied cultures, lies the opportunity for absolute synergy. In order to achieve that, effective communication is essential. With expert contributors and regional authorities, this course will provide you with tools to improve your communication amongst diverse groups and individuals and reap the benefits of differing perspectives.

*For onsite clients, we will customize segments to support your internal policies and regional needs

Course Outline

  • Introduction and Overview of Cross Cultural Communication
  • World Views, Perspectives, and Interpretations

o Views of Time, Authority, and Status o Language Usage and Word Meanings o Individual vs. Collective Cultures

o High vs. Low Context Cultures

  • Application and Demonstration of Concepts*
  • Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

o Personal Space/ Position Boundaries o Eye Contact and Expressions
o Handshakes, Gestures, and Contact

  • Etiquette in Business and Social Settings

  • Interactive Reinforcement Exercise*

  • Listening Techniques with Second Language Speakers

  • Message Interpretation, Classification, and Response Development

  • Working with Interpreters

  • Synthesizing Content Exercise*

    *Not all exercises are covered in the 1⁄2 day or online class

Afer completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Communicate successfully when speaking with diverse professionals

  • Create culturally appropriate written correspondence – especially email

  • Adapt and adjust quickly to the styles of other cultures

  • Use appropriate body language and avoid culturally offensive gestures

  • Create positive business relationships

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