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Delivering Effective Presentations (DEP) – Advanced Workshop


Course Description

This workshop builds upon the foundation of our highly-acclaimed Introductory Workshop. The Advanced section delves deeper into the anatomy of a great presentation. Developed for the already skilled presenter, this workshop explores advanced techniques that will take your existing speaking skills to the next level of influence, connection, and impact.

Course Outline

  • Introduction of Course Expectations and Core Concepts

  • Participants Deliver Prepared Presentations*

  • Comprehensive Personalized Coaching in Key


  • Instructional Presentation of High Level Skills

    o MemorableMessaging
    o EstablishingCredibilityandAuthority o OriginalityinVisualAids
    o CraftingClearandSpecificMessages

  • In-Depth Examination of the Science Behind Effective Storytelling

  • Dynamic Application of Concept*

  • How and When to use Humor Appropriately

  • Interactive Implementation Lesson*

  • Participants Deliver Enhanced Presentations*

  • Final Review and Feedback

    *Activities may be videotaped to facilitate coaching


After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Structure a strong message

  • Grab and keep the attention of your audience

  • Develop analytical and emotional balance in

    your presentation

  • Utilize humor and storytelling to elevate

    audience interest and engagement

  • Pinpoint and adapt to different learning types

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