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Delivering Effective Presentations - Leadership


Course Description

This workshop will provide you with skills to clarify your message, become more influential, and achieve desired results. This in-depth exploration of communication and presentation skills will deliver insight into what motivates others to embrace your ideas and your decisions. You’ll learn to establish and maintain trust, credibility, and support.

Course Outline

  • Exploration of Thought Leadership

  • Participant Delivery of Prepared


  • Focused Personal Feedback

  • Building Trust and Rapport

  • Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

  • Psychology of Audiences

  • Masterful Q&A Session Management

  • Implementation of Concepts*

  • Powerful Persuasion and Influence Methods

  • Practical Skill Exercise*

  • Humor and Storytelling for Improved Message


  • Interactive Application

  • Participant Delivery of Enhanced Message*

  • Individualized Coaching

    *Portions may be videotaped to facilitate feedback

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Speak with confidence, clarity, and command

  • Persuade difficult audiences

  • Maintain composure under pressure

  • Manage Q&A sessions like a Pro

  • Use non-verbal communication to connect

    with and direct others


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