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Intro to Vitis IDE Software Development Workshop - 2021.1


 Workshop Description

This workshop demonstrates the tools and techniques required for software design and development using the Vitis™ unified software platform.

The emphasis of this course is on:

  • Creating Hardware Acceleration Kernels within Vitis
  • Reviewing the basics of using the Vitis platform
  • Migrating existing SDK projects to the Vitis platform
  • Developing software applications using the Vitis platform



    Course Outline

    • Vitis Project structure / Designer Productivity  
    • Using Vitis for Hardware Acceleration 
    • Overview of Embedded Software Development
    • Driving the Vitis Software Development Tool

    Introduces the basic behaviors required to drive the Vitis tool to generate a debuggable C/C++ application. {Lecture, Lab}

    • Migrating from SDK to the Vitis Platform

    Overview of migrating existing Xilinx SDK projects to Vitis software development projects {Lecture, Demo}

    • Standalone Software Platform Development and Coding Support

    Covers the various software components, or layers, supplied by Xilinx that aid in the creation of low-level software. Also the basic services (libraries) available. {Lecture, Lab}

    • Linux Software Application Development Overview

    Highlights important parts of the underlying Linux system as it pertains to applications. {Lecture, Lab}

    • Building a Linux Application in the Vitis IDE

    Reviews the use of the Vitis tool for Linux software development. {Lecture}

    • System Debugger

    Describes the basics of actually running a debugger and illustrates the most commonly used debugging commands. {Lecture, Lab}

    • Profiling Overview

    Introduces the purpose and techniques for profiling a user application. {Lecture, Lab}

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