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PowerPoint - Mastering Design and Impact


Course Description

YOU are the presentation; your PowerPoint slides are only visual aids. There are millions of PPT presentations created every day. These slide shows are intended as a tool to support and enhance presentations, but often they not only fail to meet the mark, they can confuse, distract, and cause message resistance in your audience. In this course, we will provide you with the strategies to design slides that deliver optimal results by increasing both audience understanding and acceptance of your message. You will be able to create slides that significantly enhance your presentation. We will show you precisely what to include and what to exclude from your next PowerPoint.

Course Outline

  • Topic Introduction and Overview of Content
  • Psychology of Visual Aids
  • Examination and Evaluation of Slide Decks
  • Impact of Working Memory and Neuro-Attention Constraints
  • Color and Design Implications
  • Collaborative Exercise*
  • Effective Methods for Emphasizing Data
  • Creating and Incorporating Charts and Graphs
  • Hands-on Lab*
  • Applying the Key Concepts for Maximum Effect*

*Exclusive to Full Day training workshops

After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Apply techniques for simple yet powerful slides

  • Create technical charts and graphs that clarify

    your data

  • Understand the importance of color and styles

    for emphasis

  • Develop logical transitions

  • Incorporate required data in an engaging way

  • Enhance message retention

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