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Delivering Effective Presentations (DEP) – Introductory Workshop | San Jose, CA


Course Description

Our highly-acclaimed and always in demand workshop is a comprehensive session that establishes a solid foundation of speaking and presentation skills. This program will make even the most apprehensive presenters shine. For more seasoned presenters, this workshop gives you the tools to rise to the next level and stand out from other technical presenters. Technical presentations are frequently data-driven, but they do not have to be dry. You’ll learn proven methods to pair your subject matter expertise with engaging delivery to ensure that you connect with your audience members.


Course Outline

  • Introduction to the Characteristics of Effective Presentations

  • Participants Deliver Prepared Presentations*

  • In-Depth Personalized Coaching

  • Overview of Core Concepts

    o Connecting with the Audience o Introductory Principles
    o Structuring the Presentation o Using Visual Aids

    o Non-Verbal Communication o Vocal Variety
    o Overcoming Nervousness o Practice Techniques

  • Real-time Interactive Lab

  • Participants Deliver Enhanced Presentations*

  • Final Review and Feedback


After completing this comprehensive training, you will have the necessary skills to:

  • Speak with confidence and clarity

  • Engage your audience and keep them

    interested in your topic

  • Use vocal variety and body language for

    maximum impact

  • Organize your content and develop visual aids

    that increase understanding and retention

  • Persuade and influence others to support your

    program, idea, or innovation

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