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Vivado for Experienced Xilinx Users | Online & Onsite - Orange County, CA


Please note:  This course is scheduled to run Onsite and Online simultaneously. If there is not adequate enrollment for Onsite, it may run in the Online version only.

Onsite and Online versions of this course have the exact same material and content. 

Course Description

This custom class bridges the gap for existing ISE users, Moving to Vivado 2014.1 (or later). This is a comprehensive update and introduction to the most powerful and useful features of Xilinx Vivado® Design Suite. You’ll learn the underlying database and static timing analysis (STA) mechanisms.

You’ll learn to utilize Tcl for navigating the design, creating the complete range of Xilinx design timing constraints (XDC), and creating timing reports.

That includes multi-cycle paths, false path, and min/max timing constraints.

Finally, you will learn how to maximize productivity by using the Vivado Tcl scripting capabilities for both the project-based and non-project batch flows, as well as Guided Design Flows.

Course Outline and Lab Descriptions

 Day 1

Comparing ISE to Vivado

XST versus Vivado Synthesis

▪ Accessing the Design Database Lab 1: Vivado Database Leveraging IP Integrator

Lab 2: IP Integrator
XDC Constraints & Timing Report


  • Path Exceptions

  • Advanced I/O 

  • UCF to XDC Conversion Lab 3: Timing Constraints

Day 2

  • Lab 4: Timing Exceptions

    Project and Non-Project Flows
    Tcl Scripting in Vivado Instantiation

  • Lab 5: Tcl Scripting Timing closure in Vivado


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