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You Can't Lie To Me | Las Vegas, NV


  • Wouldn’t it be helpful to know when someone is lying to you? Whether you are a Law Enforcement Professional, an Investigator, a Human Resources Manager, or a Leader in any Industry; being able to read people is one of the most important skills you will need in your career. During the 2-Day Intensive You Can’t Lie to Me workshop, you will learn how to fine tune your inner lie detector (BS Barometer) and more readily get to the truth. Patricia Townsend, The Body Language Authority, and Senior Instructor at the Body Language Institute will share with you a step-by-step program to:

    Know when there is “more to the story”

    Evaluate written statements for indicators of deception

    Identify handwriting signals of dishonesty

    Analyze hidden messages in body language

    Observe and correctly interpret facial microexpressions

    Conduct incident and employment interviews

    Recognize the red flags that show where you should “dig deeper”

    Build rapport with suspects and witnesses to create trust

    Read resistance signals in negotiations in real time so you can respond and adjust

    Save time and money on your quest for the truth


    Part 1: Powering up your BS Barometer Module

    1. The Truth About Lying Module

    2. How the BS Barometer Process Works Module

    3. When to Use the BS Barometer

    Part 2: Mastering the BS Barometer Process Module

    4: Step 1: Gathering Intel Module

    5 Step 2: The Wiretap Module

    6 Step 3: The Stakeout Module

    7 Step 4: The Full Body Surveillance Module

    8 Step 5: The Interrogation


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